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Velvet Concepts

Velvet Concepts F2 Airbrush Effect Brush

  • FOR: Densely and flawlessly diffusing powder onto the skin

    WHY WE PICKED IT: When it comes to makeup brushes you shouldn't have to choose between professional quality and ethical practice. Luckily with Velvet Concepts brushes you don't have to- they're vegan, cruelty free and makeup artist-approved. The Airbrush Effect Brush is just that - a flat brush with lavishly soft bristles to help you create a consistent, even application of powder every time.

  • WHAT IT'S GOT: Expertly crafted synthetic bristles.

    WHAT IT DOESN'T: Animal products, ingredients tested on animals and chemical nasties!

  •  Try using The Airbrush Effect Brush with your favourite foundation, mineral powder or mineral makeup products for a flawless finish.

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