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The Brow Gal

The Brow Gal Tweezers

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  • The BrowGal precision tweezers have been meticulously designed for Tonya Crooks by a high end Italian knife company. The tweezers are an essential tool for achieving the perfect brow shape for your unique face. The tweezers are made with triple pounded stainless steel and are the ultimate tool for flawless hair extraction leading to perfect brows.

  • Brush the brows into place and trim any strays if necessary. Pencil in the desired shape and comb through with the spoolie end or an eyebrow brush. Pluck the hairs that are outside of that shape in the direction that they grow. Never pluck against the grain, they'll grow back in different directions and really mess up your brows! Use the Tweezer Sharpeners to keep them nice and sharp.

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