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Nahaia Active Organics

Nahaia Radiant Light Extra Hydrating Serum

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  • Complete Nourishment & Protection for All Skin Types. A hydrating serum that highlights the skin for a glowing radiance, increases the skins immunity providing ultimate DNA, UV radiation and free radical protection. Made with botanical extracts to provide additional anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects

  • Natural Polysaccaride Gel, Glycerine, Vitamin E, Complex for Improved Skin Immunity, Herbal Extracts of Organic Calendula and Rosemary, Colloidal Gold, Organic Essential Oils, Natural Preservative System, Grander Energised Water, Micro Vita Love.
    Actives: Sodium Hyaluronate, Amino Acid Complex, Candle Tree Extract

  • This serum gives a glowing radiance to the skin, protects DNA and enhances skin immunity. Gives some prection to harsh elements including snow, water, wind, sun, air conditioning, and pollution. Use 2-3 pumps all over the face and neck. Use on clean skin under a Nahaia Moisturiser. Use twice a day

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