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My Magic Mud

My Magic Mud Tooth Powder

  • WE NO LONGER STOCK THIS PRODUCT. We stock a New Zealand Made equivalent from ZOO. We figure it's a little more environmentally friendly to source from NZ when we can, and Zoo donates 50c of each pot to the Orangutang Project, so It's a win-win!

    My Magic Mud is 100% natural tooth whitener, tooth polish, remineralizer and detoxifier. Made from only four natural ingredients, it is a great alternative to conventional tooth paste and teeth whiteners. This product may seem a bit strange at first as it’s main ingredient is activated charcoal which is black in color and dry in texture. Don’t let the color fool you though, using this even once a day will leave your teeth feeling cleaner and smoother than you’ve ever known. It is safe for all ages, and works particularly well on kids who tend to get more joy out of brushing their teeth with “mud” than toothpaste! The simple four ingredients of activated coconut shell charcoal, bentonite clay, certified organic orange peel extract and certified organic mint extract powder work individually and synergistically for a brighter, happier mouth. The activated coconut shell charcoal is ultra fine and grit free, scrubbing your teeth and detoxifying your mouth. Calcium bentonite clay absorbs toxins from the gums, improves oral hygene and remineralises your enamel. The mint and orange peel extracts are naturally anti-inflammatory and whitening. Every ingredient is of the highest food-grade quality and the formula has been lab-tested to ensure it’s safe on the enamel and doesn’t cause sensitivity. Why use chemical toothpastes containing all sorts of fillers, foamers, glycerine, and fluoride when there’s a natural alternative that works way better!?

  • Activated Coconut shell charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay (food grade), Certified organic orange peel powder, certified organic mint extract powder.

  • Read insert before use. Carefully open jar. Using hygenic applicator, scoop small amount under tongue or on top of damp bristles. Brush gently for 2 minutes with lips closed. Keep mouth close to sink. Spit slowly into sink with running water. Rinse thoroughly and floss if necessary. Use dark towel to clean up.

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