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Inika Vegan Brush Roll

  • FOR: A complete pro kit to apply your gorgeous, natural Inika eyeshadows. Or any other eyeshadow you choose to define those peepers with.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Inika have done a fab job with these new brushes! It's hard to believe they're synthetic. They feel just as soft as the most expensive animal hair brush but without leaving those animals shivering (or worse)!


    Vegan Eyebrow Shaper & Lash Comb

    Vegan Precision Angle Brush

    Vegan Lip Brush

    Vegan Eye Shadow Brush

    Vegan Angle & Eyeliner Brush

    Vegan Contour Brush

    Vegan Liquid Foundation Brush

    Vegan Blush Brush

    A Pro Recycleable Black Canvas Brush Roll

    WHAT IT DOESN'T: Animal hair


  • Use to blend out INIKA Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow or Inika Loose Mineral Eyeshadow.

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