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You may have noticed by now that there are BIG changes happening at Belle & Sage!

My mission has always been to help the health and style conscious find the best quality, best functioning beauty products with the healthiest ingredients.

And in an ideal world those products do no harm and support the world we live in! Hmmm, not too much to ask for… is it?!!

During the years curating gorgeous natural beauty brands for you, I’ve been a little frustrated in finding the ‘perfect’ fit.

It’s been rare to find a brand that encompasses everything I’m looking for—Not all natural brands are created equal:

Some have great ingredients, but lack the function... Some have great function but lack versatility... Some have great ideas, but force you to consume copious amounts of plastic...

This has inspired my mission in life and to personally step up my game to help you look amazing without compromising your health, your style or the planet.

A new makeup brand for the Conscious

FormulatingFor the past 18 months I've been busy working with my amazing team to formulate the worlds best no-compromise makeup.

I’m in the process of creating a stunning brand with great values, ingredients and transparency.

It’ll be a small range and straight to the point. We don’t need screeds of colours and concoctions to look fabulous. Key products used properly is all it takes.

My commitment to you:

To do away with certain conventional ingredients that can pose health risks.

To increase skin protecting and rejuvenating properties to slow signs of environmental damage and skin ageing.

To be conscious about our packaging to avoid adding to plastic pollution.

And all the while keeping it stylish and luxurious!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

Update 27th August: Our makeup brand finally has a name! Sign up for updates, launch dates and a special pre-order offer:

Aleph Beauty Luxury Natural Makeup

You can also follow along with our Instagram account.

Better Together

And because you still need to get all your natural beauty favourites from somewhere... don’t despair, I’ve got you covered! As well as still being available for personal lessons and detox sessions, I’ve teamed up with Oh Natural for all things natural, from lifestyle to makeup to skincare.

Become a Sage Babe...