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The average woman uses 12 beauty products with 168 unique ingredients every single day. That means the “safe” amount of chemicals in isolated products are multiplied twelvefold on average, and so are the associated health risks.

It’s a real, escalating problem for so many people, and the only solution is adequate research and informed choices about what we put on our skin. When you’re already living a busy life though, trying to fit in savvy research about beauty products on top of everything else is daunting.

It’s a process that obviously sparks so many questions. Which chemicals are the worst? Which ingredients are better? Which brands can I trust? Are natural products as effective? Where the heck does anyone even start when it comes to detoxing a whole makeup bag?

Well, thankfully that’s where belle & sage comes in.

Why belle & sage?

Essentially, it’s all in a name. ‘Belle’ stands for beauty and ‘sage’ represents wisdom - they’re the two most important pillars of conscious beauty, and what we’re all about.

belle & sage

Belle & Sage is your one stop online shop and information hub for effective solutions to the beauty industry’s most toxic problem. Every product is examined and scrutinised from top to toe to make sure they not only look great, but they’re great for you too. None of our products contain synthetic nasties and they’re all absolutely cruelty-free.

What’s more, with over 20 years of experience in the makeup industry and many years of conscious beauty research, the Belle & Sage guarantee is one you can trust. It’s a brand that’s truly serious about the products it endorses, just like you are.

Because Belle & Sage was forged from years of experience and product testing, it brings all that wisdom, talent and experience straight to you. It’s wisdom that can be accessed at virtually any time, whether it’s via articles, emailing founder and experienced makeup artist Emma directly with your questions, or just having the peace of mind that every product you see has the conscious beauty tick.

Your health no longer has to be collateral for loving makeup and cosmetics. Beauty enthusiasts like you deserve to look great, feel great, and still be confident that you’re taking great care of your body and the world around you. Because in this day and age, it’s not really too much to ask.

Smarter online shopping

Here at Belle & Sage, we do things a little differently. Instead of a one-size-fits all solution to browsing and buying, you’ve got the freedom to shop the way you want.

easy online ordering

If you’re keen to buy now and pay later, opt-in for Oxipay to split your product payments up over four weeks. It’s a great way to manage your budget and snap up the goodies you want while they’re still in stock. What’s more, it’s totally interest free so you won’t pay any more than the amount you decide on at the checkout.

We also know how tricky buying new products online can be without being able to try them first. If you see anything in our store you’d like to trial, check out our $10 sample service. You can order up to five samples of any Belle & Sage product to find your favourites and thoroughly test them out.

The best in natural beauty & wellness products

Every single product that makes it to our online shelves is tested, researched and endorsed by our founder Emma to make sure our conscious beauty family gets only the best.

Take a look at our extensive range of makeup, skincare and wellness brands: