Know Your Ingredients

Why is it important to pay attention to the cosmetics we use?

Ingredients Glossary- The Good

Ingredients Glossary- The Bad and the Ugly

Are your Cosmetics Making You Sick?

Wish you could just rock up to  beauty counter, buy the latest beauty cure-all and voila everlasting beauty? The hope is that it's going to transform your appearance instantly, right? And sometimes they do, for now... but did you know that some beauty products could be doing you harm in the long run?

 Disease seems all too rife in our society and while it’s so encouraging to see healthy food information reaching the main stream, I’m still very concerned about the lack of awareness surrounding the health of our beauty products. People are actually starting to pay attention and make positive changes to their diets and I’d love to see this carry through to personal care products as well.

Why change our beauty products, it’s not like we eat them?!

What we ingest is not limited to the food we eat. The skin is our largest organ with so many functions. First of all, it’s a great big bag that contains all of our vitals, without it we’d obviously fall apart! But it also helps us regulate our body temperature, it protects us from the sun, it forms part of our immune system by housing colonies of bacteria that ward off nasties at the forefront, and obviously, allows us to physically feel sensations by way of nerve endings. The skin also keeps us nice and water proof, not only stopping water from getting in but also from leaking out.

It may keep water out, but that doesn’t mean that other substances aren’t readily absorbed. Think about nicotine patches and the like. The skin is an amazingly effective delivery system for numerous medications. Therefor, it’s important to pay attention to products that are used every day, day in, day out, and sometimes on the entire surface area of you skin. You may be ingesting a lot more than just your breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’ve put together a glossary of ingredients, from super nourishing to downright toxic. Lets start treating our beauty products the way we do our food and realise that the body is a whole system working in unison.

Start paying a little more attention to what you are using on your face and body. It won’t be easy to eliminate all of these nasty ingredients from your beauty products, but it isn’t impossible.

The same way many of you began slowly buying more organic produce over the non-organic; you can begin replacing your old “chemical” stuff for healthier more environmentally friendly products. The number of natural and organic products is growing daily, so making a switch has never been easier.

But remember, it’s what you do every day that counts, so switching to clean skin, hair and body products is more important than never again wearing that occasional red lippy because it contains an ingredient on the Ugly list. (you just don’t want to be reapplying it all day every day)

At Belle and Sage, the aim is to provide you with the very best performing products with the cleanest possible ingredients. Please note that on occasion, there will be products for sale that contain a synthetic ingredient or two. This is only because the rest of the ingredients have been well scrutinised and without said ingredient, the ultimate function wouldn’t be there.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out using the contact form.

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