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I’m a New Zealand based Makeup Artist and have spent almost 20 years (yikes!) in the industry working on everything from fashion shoots and shows, to films, TV, music and advertising.

I’ve always loved the way makeup can transform a face dramatically with different products and techniques. It can be massive (changing someones face with prosthetics) or subtle (using light, shadow and color to tweak the appearance). But either way, quite incredible.

My blog began as a series of articles and a personal makeup course detailing how anyone can use makeup to bring their face into alignment with their Ultimate Beauty.

As time passed, I knew I had to bring in my other passion (obsession actually!), that of natural makeup and beauty products. I’ve always (well maybe not always but for a very long time now) been a label reader. First food, then cosmetics, to the point where I was feeling super conflicted about using all this chemically laden crap in my work life and at the same time raving on to anyone who’d listen about the dangers of preservatives and chemicals in the food we’re eating. 

And when my first daughter came along, I knew it would only be a matter of time before she’d be begging to use Mummy’s makeup and there’s no way I was going to let those nasties touch such precious skin!

This brought me to searching out natural makeup; makeup that's as natural as possible and that still does it’s job as a professional product. And I say “as natural as possible” because let’s face it, it’s still manufactured, you’re not about to stumble upon the perfect shade of foundation just dripping from a plant in the garden now are you. And besides, it seems most ingredients are up for debate these days in one form or another and to avoid everything we’d have to go back in time…way back.

As featured in Good Magazine

So, not loving the thought of a cosmetic free world, I wanted to put all the good stuff in one place so my clients would know where to find makeup that does no harm (is even good for you) and performs incredibly at the same time. Double whammy!

I hope you enjoy having a look around and drop me a line if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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