Nahaia Active Organics skincare treats the skin using a powerhouse of concentrated nutritional ingredients that deliver proven results.

It's made in New Zealand incorporating wild craft NZ native plant extracts, certified organic oils and GE free and live ingredients.

Nahaia translates to 'journey of eternal love'. Nahaia Active Organics founder Nahaia Russ, a registered naturopath and medical herbalist, embraces this philosophy through the creation of a high quality, organic and naturally active skincare range that 'loves, transforms and nurtures' the skin to good health.

In alignment with a philosophy of natural living, all Nahaia Professional Active Organics products incorporate a holistic approach to skin care by incorporating many natural and positive energetic aspects to health.

With her interest and vast knowledge in nutrition understanding that food is key to support health and wellbeing, Nahaia includes many 'whole foods' in the ingredients.

Nahaia Active Organics products incorporate Essences to enhance not only our skin, but our sense of wellbeing! 

Nahaia Bright-Eyes Flash Tightening Serum Nahaia Active Organics $60.00 $67.00

Nahaia Enzyme-Joy Exfoliant Nahaia Active Organics Sold Out