doterra oils belle and sage


Essential oils are one of the most powerful ways to support your health, on a physical, emotional and energetic level. 

The fragrances that come off of plants aren’t just there for no reason. They’re actually tiny organic molecules that serve a variety too protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes. These assist in warding off pests, attracting friendly insects and herbivores and help the plant heal from infection and injury.

Each individual compound provides different benefits to the plants and the right oils can be incredibly beneficial to humans too. 

My family and I use these oils for every day for everything form cooking to cleaning, to helping calm the kids or motivating myself before a big day's work. We wouldn't be without them and I'd love for you to benefit from these as well.

These are available via a seperate link and at either retail prices or wholesale prices (by far the smartest way to buy)

Please contact me if you have any questions about purchasing your oils or how to get the maximum benefits from your oils.

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