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Smokey Eyes – How to do a smoldering bronze

Smokey Eyes – Smoldering Bronze

by Emma Peters February 07, 2017

Smokey eyes are a seductive makeup staple, and what better time amp up the vamp than Valentine’s Day? Follow these simple steps for our favourite evening look. It’s a seductive style that suits virtually everyone, especially with the bronze twist, and is easy enough for you to make use of over and over again. Step One […]
natural makeup tutorial

Natural Makeup Tutorial – an easy, breezy everyday look

by Emma Peters February 04, 2017

2017 has already ushered in and continued so many exciting beauty trends. It’s a year of super serums and pops of colour, but mostly it’s a year for natural makeup. Gone are the days of cake faces and photoshop airbrushing, right now it’s all about letting your natural beauty shine through. Needless to say, as a […]

Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

by Emma Peters September 26, 2016

Makeup Trends And how to get the look using Natural Makeup We’re pretty lucky here in NZ, we can peek into the future and jump on board the latest makeup trends a season ahead of the northern part of the world. With Fashion weeks in full swing around the world, I wanted to pick out […]

The Dyson Hairdryer

by Emma Peters May 04, 2016

Who’d have thought that vacuum cleaners and hair tools would have anything in common (apart from that weird, unfortunate 80’s throw back – the “flowbee”. By the way, just googled it and it’s still for sale, Yikes!) Well, the makers of Dyson have expertly and extremely thoughtfully redesigned the hair dryer. I don’t know about […]

Perfectly Defined Eyes: Tight Lining Makeup Tutorial

by Emma Peters September 15, 2015

Tight Lining Makeup Tutorial This is the single best, most effective technique to make the eyes stand out. Use it on its own with just a swipe of mascara or incorporate into a full makeup. Either way, your lashes will appear thicker, fuller and most luscious! To get this look, use: An eyeliner pencil of […]

Stunning Soft Makeup look

by Emma Peters June 23, 2015

This stunning soft and natural makeup is a super simple look to achieve. Blend the concealer around the eye area. The model wears Cassava which is the...

choosing the right glasses

by Emma Peters March 01, 2015

One of the hardest shopping trips has to be the one for new glasses, this is even harder than finding the perfect pair of shoes because we generally stick to just one pair of glasses, so they need to be perfect. Somehow choosing the right glasses seams even harder than choosing sunglasses, I guess because […]

Overplucked eyebrows – Help!

by Emma Peters February 10, 2015

Recently I’ve gotten emails from a few women asking me how they can grow their overplucked eyebrows back. Unfortunately the eyebrows seem to be the only hair on the body that does not grow back… To my knowledge, there is no creme that will make them grow back either. But, I do have a […]

Smokey Eyes Tutorial

by Emma Peters February 01, 2015

This  Smokey Eyes Tutorial is the easiest way to create sexy eyes in a flash In this video you’ll learn: The easy way to get a very dramatic smokey eye look My sneaky trick to banish any stray eyeshadow How to create a unique smokey color that makes it easy to blend too! For outstanding […]

How to choose the perfect lipstick

by Emma Peters December 16, 2014

It may seem like a daunting task, but once you learn how to choose the perfect lipstick, there’s no turning back! The process of deciding on the right color seems to be one of the most confusing and often expensive parts of makeup shopping. And who hasn’t got a drawer full of colors that have only […]

How to do a Smokey Eye

by Emma Peters December 09, 2014

Smokey eye makeup is a great way to look gorgeous and sexy. Go dark and smoldering for an incredible evening look or keep it soft for a mysterious daytime look! You don’t need to be limited to standard greys or browns, there are some fantastic colors around that will give you a great twist on the […]

How to Apply Cream Blush

by Emma Peters November 22, 2014

Let your inner glow loose with a little makeup trick Ever wonder why some women seem to be glowing with a healthy radiance from the inside out? Aside from a great diet and impeccable health, here’s a little trick that I like to use to guarantee  a healthy glow no even on those not so […]

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