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Hairprint Review

Hairprint Review

by Emma Peters March 14, 2018

A totally natural hair colour… really?? A few months ago, I came across Hairprint. Being the lover of natural beauty products that I am, I was intrigued (and pretty excited) to read up on this brand that promises to restore hair to it’s natural pre grey colour, NATURALLY! Hairprint is a natural hair colour although […]
Snowberry Skincare Guide 2017

Snowberry Skincare Guide 2018

by Emma Peters March 14, 2018

Snowberry Skincare is one of New Zealand's leading natural brands. We've designed a handy guide to help you quickly spot the perfect product for your skin!

Weleda Skincare Guide 2017

Weleda Skincare Guide 2017

by Emma Peters August 16, 2017

Holistic hair natural haircare

Here's why Holistic Hair is the natural haircare fix you need

by Emma Peters August 02, 2017

Holistic Hair is a Kiwi haircare brand that looks after your locks using active ingredients naturally occurring in plants. We're really excited to stock their products - so excited that we chatted to them directly about what makes them special. Here's what we found out.

Pana Chocolate all flavours

Pana Chocolate – saving the planet one tasty bar at a time.

by Emma Peters July 17, 2017

Pana Chocolate NZ is certified organic, raw, fair trade and focused on sustainability. Most importantly, it tastes incredible - try it for yourself!
Bon Organic tampons NZ

Bon Organic Tampons, NZ’s fix for a problem industry

by Emma Peters May 16, 2017

Are you unknowingly absorbing chemicals while you sleep (work, play, exercise …) We’ve been staunch about sharing the dangers of chemically laden cosmetics. People are starting to sit up and take notice of what’s been applied to their skin on a daily basis. But, did you know the skin doesn’t just absorb chemicals from your personal […]

Eco Tan New Zealand

Eco Tan – New Zealand’s Answer to Pasty, Winter Skin

by Emma Peters May 06, 2017

We all love a healthy glow, but the phrase ‘fake tan’ often conjures thoughts of streaky arms, oompa-loompa legs and a weird smell that follows you round for days! A great, non-toxic fake tan is hard to find but exposing skin to harmful UV rays isn’t a solution either. That’s what makes Eco Tan New […]
Snowberry Intensive Renewal Super Serum

The Snowberry Super Serum, the newest anti-ageing revelation

by Emma Peters April 13, 2017

The all new Snowberry Super Serum (Intensive Renewal). Here's the lowdown on the newest, natural anti-ageing breakthrough.

Girl Undiscovered 100% Wild Skincare

Girl Undiscovered 100% Wild Skincare – your newest beauty addiction

by Emma Peters April 05, 2017

The New Zealand natural skincare scene is simply getting better and better. Girl Undiscovered 100% Wild Skincare is the newest kid on our thriving Kiwi block and we’re so excited they’re here! It’s an elegant, empowering, and genuinely daring skincare brand that’s giving back to the same global communities that inspire it. Here’s a little more on our […]
The Serum Science behind Snowberry's New Radiance

The Serum Science behind Snowberry's New Radiance

by Emma Peters October 28, 2016

Many of you by now have heard of if not tried Snowberry’s New Radiance Serum. Judging by it’s cult-like following and the sheer popularity of it in our store alone,  this seems to be a must have in everybody’s beauty routine. Still, there are a few questions that I get asked time and again, […]

Snowberry New Radiance: What People are Saying

by Emma Peters April 23, 2016

It’s almost been a year since the release of the world-beating Snowberry New Radiance Serum. And what an incredible year it’s been! The response from happy customers has been overwhelming With hard research proving that it is the best performing anti-wrinkle serum in the world, and customers loving the results, it’s been a best seller […]

The Best Anti-aging Skincare

by Emma Peters August 13, 2015

Has winter done a number on your skin? It’s starting to feel a little bit like spring out there, what a nice feeling. Ok, well spring is technically still a few weeks away. But it’s hard not to get little pangs of excitement when the air’s a little warmer, the sun’s out (for a split second) […]

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