by Emma Peters April 07, 2018

First some sad news...For those of you used to doing all of your conscious beauty shopping with us, I'm going to start by apologising for this little disruption.

I've decided to shut down the retail side of belle & sage. It's been an incredibly difficult decision to make, and one I've not taken lightly. 

The whole reason for building a conscious beauty store has been to help you find the best functioning, healthy and conscious products.

And I'm not going to stop doing this - I'll tell you how shortly.

Here's the exciting news!

Formulating Natural Makeup

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past 18 months creating the most amazing new natural makeup range that encompasses everything that I value and stand behind. And I’m so excited to say that I’m very close to perfecting it and I can’t wait for you to try it! 

Because of all of the focus needed to bring this to completion, the retail side of Belle & Sage will close, as we focus on turning it into a fantastic brand of it’s own.

After years of hard work - and it has been hard at times with extremely long hours - the thing that has kept me going has been you, my lovely customers and belle & sage  family. It’s always been, and remains to be, my mission to help you find the best quality, best functioning beauty and wellness products, and I don’t intend to give that up for a second!

So, I’ve teamed up with Oh Natural New Zealand’s best and most diverse natural, conscious beauty and lifestyle store so I can continue to find and recommend the best products suited to you.

Oh Natural

Read all about Jenna from Oh Natural. Of course I had to grill her to make sure she was a perfect fit with our values so I can direct you there without hesitation.

I’ll still be available to you as I’ve always been via the normal channels, for any questions on products and function you might have. The only difference now, is that you’ll be directed to purchase from Oh Natural instead of Belle & Sage.

That way, you still get the information you need, I free up my time to develop my new range of natural makeup ... and we support Jenna’s growing business. I love a win-win-win!

As always, I’m available for all of your beauty detox needs. Whether it be an in person private healthy makeup lesson or a Skype session to design you a signature look or an email recommendation.

I’m still here. so please continue to reach out, it’s what lights my fire!

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

She’ll help you find the what, learn the why, nail the how, and everything in between.

Letting you know more, wear better, and start making beautiful choices: from the inside, out.

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