Bone broth for healthy skin

by Emma Peters July 05, 2015

bone broth

Have you noticed that everywhere you turn, you’re hearing about “bone broth”.  What do you make of the bone broth craze going around at the moment? Well I say “craze” a little ironically because it’s actually just good old traditional home cooking. But, awesome that it’s getting so much attention and making people see the benefits of traditional food over the average fast food, processed diet.

And why am I bringing it up on a beauty site? Weird… Or is it!?

Believe it or not, a good old home-made chicken soup or beef consommé could be doing wonders for your skin from the inside out.

Here’s why...

Traditionally made (not store bought) bone broth contains many valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for maintaining good health. And, of course if your overall health is great, it’s going to reflect in your skin. But there are also specific skin enhancing goodies in bone broth.

A well made broth will be rich in gelatin which is derived from collagen. Collagen is the protein that helps keep the structural integrity of the skin. As we age, collagen starts to break down, the skin thins and wrinkles happen. There are plenty of cremes and serums that work topically to help regenerate collagen, some work, some really don’t! But the very best (and by far the cheapest) way to help your body regenerate collagen from the inside out, is to get it from your diet in the form of grass-fed gelatin.

As well as gelatin, bone broth contains a whole heap of other age-defying nutrients. Minerals magnesium, phosphorus and calcium are present in a very easily absorbable form. Amino acids, glycine to help with liver detoxification and fat digestion and proline for healthy collagen and cartilage. And glycosaminoglycans to help with joint health and mobility.

Gelatin has numerous reported benefits, from balancing the hormonal system, healing the gut lining and curing skin conditions such as acne and eczema to helping with wrinkles and stretch marks and curing brittle hair and nails.

My go-to recipe is a chicken broth because I find it really versatile and I can sneak it into most meals and it tastes great as a drink on it’s own (ok with a little salt).

What you’ll need is

  • A whole chicken (free range and organic)
  • 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 Peeled Carrots
  • 1 large Onion
  • Filtered Water

Rinse the chicken and place in a large pot. Cover with filtered water. Add onion and carrots. Cover and bring to the boil. Make sure you skim off any grey-brown scum that forms on the surface of the water as it comes to a boil. After about 2 hours, remove all the meat from the bones and put the bones, cartilage and skin back in the pot. The skin and cartilage are particularly important as that’s what contains the collagen and will form the gelatin in your broth.

Keep the chicken meat and use in a meal later on, or add back to the stock when it’s done with some veges for an amazing chicken soup.

Once you’ve got the bones back in the pot, add vinegar. The acidity in the vinegar will help draw out the minerals from the bones.

Simmer as low as you can for 6 or more hours. Six hours works well, but I’ve gone as long as 72 hours before! A crock pot is great for extended periods of time, then you don’t have to worry about the stove being on all that time.

When finished, sieve the stock into another pot and return to the boil. I like to reduce it down to about a litre, that way it’s easier to store in the fridge and I use it as a concentrate in meals or just add hot water for a drink.

I’m actually drinking a cup as I write this, I was getting so excited being reminded about all of the amazing benefits, I couldn’t resist!


Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

She’ll help you find the what, learn the why, nail the how, and everything in between.

Letting you know more, wear better, and start making beautiful choices: from the inside, out.

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