by Emma Peters November 06, 2017

You're probably missing out on crucial nutrients that will affect your health and wellness down the road—even if you have a mainly healthy, balanced diet.

Factors like getting stuck in a rut with what you eat or getting busy and slipping up with a packet of chips aren't the only components in our general lack of nutrition. The fact that our food contains only a fraction of the nutrients that it once did means that we're all missing vital, major nutrients that are essential in keeping us healthy and preventing disease. 

It’s the reason so many people are turning to natural supplements like The Beauty Chef - to bridge the gap between what we're lacking and what will make us super-humanly awesome! The Beauty Chef offers supplements for inside and out to address specific needs like healthy liver function, increased metabolism and great looking skin.

Don’t think of it as a brand new diet plan or a drastically different way of living, but as a quick and easy way to amp up your normal routine and get the results that your body needs. Here are three reasons you need The Beauty Chef for cooking up a few wellness miracles in your life.

1. You’ll see and feel the benefits of bio-fermentation

The beauty chef bio fermentation 

The Beauty Chef is a brand that takes care of your skin and body by nourishing it from the inside. Its powders, serums and boosters aid digestive health through bio-fermentation - a process that activates nutrients so that they can be absorbed easily.

Fermentation is a process used for thousands of years across many cultures as a way to preserve food and enhance ingredients. In terms of natural beauty, the benefits of fermented foods are twofold, acting both on the inside and on the outside.

Because fermentation increases the ‘bio-availability’ of natural ingredients, when it’s applied topically in skincare it means the nutirients can be quickly absorbed for maximum effect. Likewise, when bio-fermented nutrients are consumed they’re absorbed and used by the body quickly too.

It’s a process The Beauty Chef creator Carla Oates swears by, saying she’s a big believer that optimum skin health starts on the inside.

“It’s where your hormones are metabolized, 70% of your immune system lies, and where nutrients are manufactured and toxins are eliminated. For good health, the gut requires a proliferation of good bacteria, which can be found in abundant supply in fermented foods.”

Because any nutrients absorbed by our bodies go to the most important organs first, unhealthy looking skin is the first sign and expression of an imbalanced gut. Take care of your insides with bio-fermentation however, and you’ll start to heal the whole system.

2. The Beauty Chef is a brand founded by passion and expertise

the Beauty Chef Carla Oates

‘Beauty Chef’ Carla Oates is a Bondi-based naturalist who is passionate about researching the relationship humans have with nature. She’s been researching, writing and teaching about health and beauty for fifteen years, and every single Beauty Chef product is imbued with her own natural beauty and wellness wisdom.

Believing that organic food is the most sustainable way to nourish your body and take care of the environment, over the years Carla has collaborated with Australia’s best natural health practitioners and formulators. It’s meant she’s combined her own knowledge and passion with a variety of other experts to create the world’s first Living skincare range.

Her team is full of qualified, dedicated chemists, naturopaths and nutritionists ensuring every formula delivers the results it promises. In a world full of quick fixes and flash-in-the-pan trends it’s a refreshing, well-researched change.

3. There’s a Beauty Chef formula for everyone

The Beauty Chef products

Multivitamins and general supplements aren’t hard to come by, but most of the time they’re not tailored to specific health and skin concerns either.

The Beauty Chef is different though, with a range of formulas built to fit you. It doesn’t matter if you’re after supercharged hydration or liver cleansing goodness, there’s a specially blended Beauty Chef formula to help you out. Check out the guide below and take a look at how it works:

For glowing skin + better gut health

The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder supports skin rejuvenation and aids digestive balance for clear, glowing skin and healthy insides.

For enhancing vitality and improving liver function

The Beauty Chef’s Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder is the perfect solution for anyone feeling sluggish and searching for clearer, smoother skin. Cleanse is designed to support the body’s natural elimination pathways and in doing so combats skin breakouts.

For kickstarting the metabolism and creating balance

The Beauty Chef Body Inner Beauty Powderis a nutritious, protein-rich superfood powder that helps with weight loss by curbing sugar cravings and providing digestive support. It’s a nutrition and immunity booster and a fantastic way to bring the body back into balance.

For anyone with dry, dull skin

If you’re wanting to replenish and re-hydrate your skin, The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Boost is for you. It provides electrolytes for whole body hydration and contains around 6 billion probiotics and lauric acid to support cell repair.

For sun-damaged skin in need of repair

In summer time The Beauty Chef’s Antioxidant Boost is a great way to fight the negative effects of free radicals and create natural skin radiance. Antioxidant powder is rich in natural enzymes to aid digestive health, and helps to eliminate free radicals and protect the skin.

For youthful, healthy-looking skin

Help your body create binding, skin-firming collagen with The Beauty Chef's Collagen Boost. It fights the signs of skin ageing from the inside, leaving you healthier and happier for it!

For treating dry, parched skin

Stay healthy from the outside in with The Beauty Chef's Dream Repair Serum It's a daily treatment to help replenish your skin and leave it feeling hydrated and fine-line free. 

For brightening dull or congested skin

The Beauty Chef's Probiotic Skin Refiner is the perfect fix for dull, dead skin cells that could be making you look older than you really are. It helps form a natural barrier for your skin against the elements and even helps reduce the signs of ageing.

For quickly healing damaged, problem skin

If you've got areas of skin that are badly damaged or dehydrated, The Beauty Chef's Beauty Fix Balm smooths as it heals for rapid results. It's a great solution for stubborn skin that just won't soften.

It’s no surprise that here at Belle & Sage HQ The Beauty Chef is quickly becoming an inner beauty crowd favourite. Browse our collection and get busy beautifying your skin and body from the inside out.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

She’ll help you find the what, learn the why, nail the how, and everything in between.

Letting you know more, wear better, and start making beautiful choices: from the inside, out.

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