by Emma Peters August 25, 2017

Essential oils are a brilliant way to naturally enhance your health and positively affect your mood. Every essential oil has its own unique benefits stemming from the climate and conditions in which they grow. They're liquid powerhouses ready to work however you need them to. This is why you need doterra melaleuca essential oil.

All I know is this tree is in the Myrtaceae. I suspect it is Australian. Anyone got a better ID for me? Photographed on the grounds of the Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

If your life's feeling like it needs a bit of a cleansing spring clean, melaleuca essential oil should be your natural weapon of choice.

Melaleuca (more commonly known as 'tea tree') is famous for its purifying qualities. Whether it's helping clean the skin or household surfaces, purifying the air or even just acting as an immunity booster, you can't deny it's a handy thing to have.

Melaleuca leaves were used for centuries by Aboriginal Australian people to cool the skin or, when inhaled, the senses. Melaleuca essential oil can be used as a calming, astringent or anti-bacterial ingredient in skincare, as an air purifier or on household surfaces to protect against environmental and seasonal threats.

My go-to remedy whenever one of the family are fighting an infection is to rub some melaleuca and oregano oil onto the bottoms of their feet for a course of a week to to reign it in. 

See the video below to find out he science behind the combination of these two powerful oils.

It's cleansing, clarifying, and might just have you seeing things a little clearer. Grab a bottle of melaleuca essential oil whenever you need refreshing!

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Uses for melaleuca essential oil

  • For occasional skin irritation, put 1 - 2 drops of melaleuca essential oil to the affected area to help cool and soothe.
  • Add 1 - 2 drops to water or citrus drinks to help support immunity (and add a new, fresh taste!)
  • Apply to the skin after shaving or add a couple of drops to your regular cleanser to keep your skin calm and clear.
  • If you're after healthier nails, apply a few drops to the tips of your nails to keep them nourished and healthy.
  • Use with water as a household cleaner/spray.
  • Diffuse into the air to ward off seasonal viruses.
  • Put a drop on the bottom of your feet with oregano oil for 10 days as a bacteria/virus killer.

Directions for use

  • Diffusion: Use 3 to 4 drops in your home diffuser.
  • Internal use: Dilute 1 drop in 120ml of liquid.
  • Topical use: Apply 1 - 2 drops to the area of your choice. Dilute with coconut oil to help reduce skin sensitivity if need be.
Warning: Be sure to use only the purest of oils if you're going to use them topically and especially for internal use. I choose to use doTerra oils because they're all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and have all been through rigorous independent tests to make sure they are safe for application and ingestion.


Emma Peters
Emma Peters

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