by Emma Peters September 08, 2017

Essential oils are a fantastic way to naturally enhance your health and wellbeing and positively affect your mood. Every essential oil has its own unique benefits, they're liquid powerhouses ready to work however you need them to. Check out the brilliant benefits of doTerra geranium essential oil.

For beauty and total clarity, you can't go past geranium essential oil.

Geranium has been used for centuries, dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians used their own distillation of geranium essential oil to beautify and clarify the skin. Geranium was also a popular flower in Victorian England, where its leaves were often used as decorations at the dinner table. To this day, geranium leaves and flowers garnish food and drink.

In more contemporary times, geranium essential oil is popular because it helps promote healthy, great looking skin and hair. It also helps to calm nerves and reduce feelings of stress and worry, and even repels insects!

Emotionally, this oil promotes love and trust and is especially helpful in addressing feelings of distrust, abandonment, loss, grief and heavy hearted-ness. This is the go-to oil for a broken heart, it assists in re-opening the heart so that love may flow more freely.

Geranium is super gentle making it perfect for kids and babies.

All in all, geranium essential oil is a wonderful and versatile addition to any oils collection. Pop it in your favourite cosmetics for a touch of luxury or use it to relax and unwind.

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Uses for geranium essential oil

  • Pop some in a D.I.Y aromatherapy steam facial to beautify and clarify the skin.
  • Add a drop to your favourite moisturiser to leave your skin smooth and silky.
  • Geranium essential oil is also great for either oily or dry hair, so apply a few drops to help enhance your shampoo or conditioner. 
  • Diffuse into the air for a relaxing, calming effect.

Directions for use

  • Diffusion: Use 3 to 4 drops in your home diffuser.
  • Internal use: Dilute 1 drop in 120ml of liquid.
  • Topical use: Apply 1 - 2 drops to the area of your choice. Dilute with coconut oil to help reduce skin sensitivity if need be.

Warning: be sure to use only the purest of oils if you're going to use them topically and especially for internal use. I choose to use doTerra oils because they're all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and have all been through rigorous independent tests to make sure they are safe for application and ingestion.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

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