by Emma Peters January 10, 2018

Essential oils are a brilliant way to naturally enhance your health and positively affect your mood. Every essential oil has its own unique benefits stemming from the climate and conditions in which they grow. 

DoTerra Motivate Encouraging Essential Oil is a positive liquid pick-me-up guaranteed to get you going again no matter what's draining you. Keen to try some? Read on.

doTerra motivation blend essential oil


No matter how much we try to forget or deny it, at some point all of us have felt fed-up, stressed and pessimistic. Whether it's work, relationships or health getting on our nerves, it's a thing no one's immune from.
That's why doTerra have blended a Motivate Encouraging Essential Oil - specially designed to replace negative emotions with positivity and new determination.
doTerra Motivate Encouraging essential oil is made up of Mint, Citrus, Basil, Rosemary and Coriander essential oils to help you find your creative mojo again. Simply put, it's your one-way ticket to getting out there and owning the day. 
If you're ever feeling a little bit down in the dumps, this is your go-to.

Uses for doTerra Motivate Encouragement Blend essential oil

  • Jump start your day by applying some to the bottom of your feet when you wake up.
  • Diffuse while working on any important projects to make sure you stay motivated.
  • Apply to your body's pulse points before a race or any other high-pressure competition.

Directions for use

  • Topical use: Apply 1 - 2 drops to the area of your choice.
  • Diffusion: Use 3 - 4 drops in your chosen diffuser

Warning: It's really important to only ever use oils in their purest form for your own health and safety. I choose to use doTerra oils because they're all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and have all been through rigorous independent tests to make sure they are safe for both application and ingestion.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

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