by Emma Peters September 15, 2017

Essential oils are a fantastic way to naturally enhance your health, positively affect your mood and can even help improve some foods. Every essential oil has its own unique benefits, they're liquid powerhouses ready to work however you need them to. Find out why you need to have doTerra basil essential oilin your kitchen, bathroom cabinet, and massaged into your neck!

 basil essential oil

Most of us know basil as an ingredient to add to food, but did you know basil essential oil has other amazing properties too?

One of my favourite uses for doTerra basil essential oil is actually as quick remedy for ear infections. Just dilute 2 drops in a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil and rub it in front and behind the ear (but never inside) This will help calm and soothe an ear infection - great if you've got wee ones with problem ears!

Emotionally and energetically, basil is the oil of renewal. The emotional healing properties of this oil work to counter overwhelm, fatigue and low energy. Helping with burnout and exhaustion. 

For a brilliant way to reduce tension and stress, apply some to your temples or at the back of your neck, or add a couple of drops to a diffuser.

Basil essential oil also assists the adrenal glands in regulating hormone production, and is even used to restore sleep patterns and the body's natural activity rhythms.

This is a fantastic oil to add to your collection (and your pizza sauce!)

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Uses for basil essential oil

  • Diffuse for extra focus and energy while studying or working.
  • You can combine it with wild orange and geranium oil for a great-smelling, uplifting massage.
  • Add a drop to any Italian dish (a little goes a long way though, so use sparingly!)

Directions for use

  • Diffusion: Use 3 to 4 drops in your home diffuser.
  • Internal use: Dilute 1 drop in 120ml of liquid.
  • Topical use: Apply 1 - 2 drops to the area of your choice. Dilute with coconut oil to help reduce skin sensitivity if need be.

Warning:Be sure to use only the purest of oils if you're going to use them topically and especially for internal use. I choose to use doTerra oils because they're all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and have all been through rigorous independent tests to make sure they are safe for application and ingestion.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

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