by Emma Peters June 18, 2017

Our skin is as diverse as we are, and there’s no miracle fix on the market to suit everyone. Despite this, so many skincare brands feature products tailored to only one or two skin types. Tailor Skincare NZ is here to change that.

Like the name suggests, Tailor Skincare is all about empowering the individual, letting you create the perfect routine and products for your skin. It’s innovative, it’s nuanced and it’s a total game changer for natural skincare here in New Zealand. Here a few of our favourite things about Tailor Skincare NZ:

Tailor Skincare NZ

It’s pure Kiwi ingenuity

An incredible skincare brand starts with an incredibly good idea. Tailor Skincare NZ is the brainchild of founder and CEO Sarah Quilter, initially inspired by the beauty of healthy food. While working at an organic fertiliser company in California, Sarah noticed how similar our bodies are to good soil. She realised that through our skin we take in nutrients just like plants, the more raw and unfiltered the better!

For Sarah, the turning point came a few years later. She describes her biggest “hallelujah” moment as the day she tossed a brand new purple toning bottle down the sink vowing to create her own more natural, nourishing beauty products. With nutrition and nourishment at the front of her mind, Sarah created her first product – the Tailor Masque – from locally sourced Hawke’s Bay bentonite clay.

From there, the rest is natural beauty history. Tailor Skincare NZ now has 10 incredible products, all designed to mix in unique ways to suit every skin type. Every product works together with the skin’s natural processes, a feature Sarah says is incredibly important.

“I love biology and science and understanding how the ingredients interact with each other in the product to produce an effect,” she says.

“For example, Bentonite clay has a small electrical charge and is shaped like a business card. It is positively charged so it acts to draw the negatively charged ions out of your skin.”

Tailor Skincare NZ cares for animals, the environment, and your skin

Healthy ingredients, sustainable practice and caring for wildlife are all things at the forefront of Tailor Skincare NZ’s mission statement. Every ingredient is high quality and, of course, totally natural. They’re also a brand that strives to source ingredients locally if possible. When local sourcing doesn’t work out, Tailor Skincare makes sure the suppliers they work with treat their employees fairly and ethically.

Another fantastic thing about Tailor Skincare NZ is that all their packaging is bio-degradable, meaning caring for your skin won’t harm the environment. Their signature bright blue packaging is recyclable, mostly made from secondhand materials. What’s more, the brand is completely cruelty-free. Some creams and lotions contain locally sourced beeswax, but other than that Tailor Skincare NZ uses no animal products.

The plant-based ingredients that do feature in the Tailor Skincare line up also work incredibly well. Every single one performs a specific function to compliment the skin’s natural processes, working with the body rather than against it.

Tailor Skincare’s Oil Cleanse for example contains a trio of natural oils to clear and nourish the skin. Organic Kanuka Oil – once used in traditional Māori medicine – reduces acne, eczema, rashes and breakouts. In addition, Tailor Skincare uses Organic Sunflower Oil is full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids to deeply nourish and repair. Organic Coconut Oil finishes the blend off, adding moisture and antibacterial properties.

They’ve created the world’s first natural, customisable moisture blend

Tailor Your Blend stand
Image: @tailorskincare

You heard right, Tailor Skincare NZ is a Kiwi brand making world history! They’ve recently launched the all new Tailor Your Blend Moisture, an adaptable moisturiser base with two custom extracts you can choose. The idea behind the brilliance is the undeniable fact that everybody wants different things for their very different skin.

Your skin might be oily, dry or somewhere in-between and the differences don’t stop there. Once you’ve worked out your skin type, most of your daily skin ritual is spent trying to achieve a particular goal. For some it’s hydration, others want to prevent breakouts, but most people can agree that what we really need is the power to customise.

It might sound tricky, but figuring out Your Blend is actually brilliantly easy. The first port of call is the Online Skin Consultation. It’s a quick consultation that defines your unique skin type and recommend the best two Tailor Your Blend Moisture extracts for you. You’ll then get your personal recommendation straight to your inbox so you can build your perfect moisture blend. See? Simple.

Shop Tailor Skincare

By taking the guesswork and uniformity out of skincare, Tailor Skincare NZ has given Kiwis the power. Finally we’ve got a way to create quality, customised skin care that works for us and with our skin. As far as conscious beauty is concerned it’s an exciting place to be – we can’t wait to see what Tailor Skincare comes up with next.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

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