by Emma Peters August 17, 2017

It's always great to learn about the natural cosmetics we stock straight from the horse's mouth. Hearing from the real people behind brands is as inspiring as it is educational, so we asked Snowberry's Dr Travis Badenhorst to give us the lowdown on their award-winning serums.

Here's what he has to say about Snowberry's most successful anti-ageing serums and what they can do for you.

Dr Travis BadenhorstAn effective anti-ageing serum can do several things. First, it can contain specific peptides and other clinically proven ingredients such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that will help to stimulate the skins natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and so boost the cellular matrix, which will act to smooth lines and wrinkles. Specific peptides can also help to boost the laminin production that will strengthen the basement membrane between the epidermis and the dermis, which is an important step in reducing sagging. Then, a range of anti-oxidants can help to quench the free radicals that are largely triggered by UV rays, which directly damage the cellular matrix; and an effective anti-ageing serum will also contain ingredients that help to calm the skin and so reduce inflammation and that will also help to reduce discolouration.

Snowberry’s ‘Super Serum’ – the Intensive Renewal Face Serum, is unique because it does what few other anti-ageing serums can. That difference is largely down to something called eProlex™. eProlex™ is both a delivery system and a package of specific, highly functional peptides, and is the result of six years research and development that guarantee that the peptides will be delivered into the dermal cells where they can do what they are supposed to. This is unique, because even though they are small proteins, peptides are still complex molecules that the skins natural barrier will ordinarily prevent from entering the dermis.

What makes Snowberry's Intensive Renewal Serum different?

Many skin care brands use the same peptides that are in Snowberry – it is after all, relatively simple for a formulator to ‘mix them in.’ It is however, extraordinarily challenging ensuring the proper delivery of those peptides in optimal concentration. Very few skin care brands have this capability.

Snowberry-Intensive-Renewal-Face-SerumThe first successful outcome of Snowberry’s ongoing research into peptide delivery systems was CuPEP™, which is the way in which the highly functional, skin remodelling Copper tripeptide-1 was incorporated into Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum.  eProlex™ is the further evolution of that world-first technology, which was the reason that the New Radiance Face Serum was the only anti-wrinkle serum on earth, invited to be presented to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology.

In addition to eProlex™, the Super Serum contains several other highly functional ingredients (not contained in the New Radiance Face Serum) that target inflammation and discolouration.

These ingredients are incorporated in the Super Serum using Snowberry’s proprietary Multi-Active Skin Support (MASS) system. MASS is designed to help counter inflammation, free radical damage, and to increase deep hydration. Finally, Snowberry’s Super Serum is very different from most – in the same way that the New Radiance Face Serum is unique. Unlike virtually all other anti-ageing products, the Snowberry serums are proven in the only way that counts, which is by gold standard clinical trial.

Which of Snowberry's serums is right for me?

So, Snowberry customers can choose between the Intensive Renewal Face Serum at $124 for 35ml, and the New Radiance Face Serum at $40 for 30ml or $97 for 100ml. The natural questions are: Which is better and can they be combined?

As mentioned, both serums employ the skin-remodelling copper tripeptide-1, and both use the highly effective humectant, sodium hyaluronate – and both are proven by gold standard clinical trial. But there the resemblance ends. The anti-ageing capability of the Intensive Renewal Face Serum is considerably broader, due to the additional peptides carried in eProlex® compared to CuPEP™; and the inclusion of key vitamins and anti-oxidants in MASS. The Intensive Renewal Face Serum also differs by having an emollient rather than a gel base. Some consumers prefer the feel of emollients, and undoubtedly, this increases the skin softening capability while delivering a range of essential fatty acids to help with cellular renewal. Ultimately, consumers have two scientifically proven anti-ageing solutions to best match their requirements and budget.

However, if a customer chooses the Intensive Renewal Face Serum for facial application, but is concerned about thinning skin on legs, arms or especially the back of hands, then I would recommend applying the New Radiance Face Serum to these areas to gain the benefits of CuPEP™, at the much lower cost.

Dr. Travis Badenhorst

Chief Scientist


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