by Emma Peters February 15, 2017

This has got to be the biggest beauty game changer that you’ve probably never heard of – a product that can reverse grey hair, naturally.

Hairprint’ is a science-based company in California providing “an island of sanity and honesty” within an industry full of deception. Using a revolutionary approach, Hairprint makes use of ‘green chemistry’ to restore pigment to your hair’s natural structure.

Sound confusing? Let us break it down for you.

Hairprint before and after


The safest way to get rid of greys.

To develop their cutting-edge product, Hairprint worked closely with Dr John Warner, co-founder of a scientific movement called ‘green chemistry' It’s a process that takes cues from nature, employing benign, non-toxic molecules to get better results than synthetic chemicals. 

If you get a chance to watch the video in the previous link, I'd highly recommend it.

The process developed as a natural progression from some scientists’ efforts to reduce environmental pollution. In the 1970s, North America formed the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to protect future generations and by enforcing regulations around pollutants.

Green chemistry takes this mandate a step further. It challenges chemists and engineers to create commercial products that at the very least do no harm to the environment, and at best helps restore it.

Hairprint believes that wanting great hair is human, but also that the sanctity of nature is important. It’s why green chemistry is such a perfect fit for a sustainably-minded hair product brand. In a world where people are often lead to doubt their own innate beauty, restorative technology like Hairprint is refreshing.

Dr John Warner on Hairprint + his personal experiences.

But what does ‘green chemistry’ have to do with hair?

If you’ve ever watched a wildlife show where a snake sheds its skin and regenerates, you’re getting pretty close. Dr John Warner began to think about what would later become Hairprint technology while considering the biological functions of beetles.

He noted that some types of beetle will shed their hard, black shell and be left with a white exterior. With time, the dark shell naturally regenerates and the beetle regains its original colour. This reminded Dr Warner of how human hair turns white with age. He then researched the process allowing beetles to regenerate this way, mixing a substance that would mimic that mechanism.

Dipping a switch of grey hair into this substance, he saw it change to many browns rather than just one. Realising that the hair he'd bought was made up of hair from different people, he realised the colour wasn’t just changing, but being restored.

This meant that Dr Warner, had successfully developed a sustainable way to create meaningful cosmetic change. The rest is history.

Restore natural hair colour? Hairprint Review

Here it is! A closeup view of my greys, and how I get rid of them all naturally. 😍

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Is Hairprint right for me?

Hairprint is best used on hair free of chemical residue, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work magic on others.

The more access it has to natural hair the better, as Hairprint works with your genetic hair structure (or ‘hairprint’). Often, even products labeled ‘natural’ contribute to a buildup of chemical residue in hair. This means that the hair is more likely to take on a distorted amount of colour. Chemically dyed hair is rendered far more porous, so using Hairprint directly on top of chemically altered hair it can turn it 1 – 5 shades darker.

This is why, for chemically treated hair, it’s better to apply Hairprint as a colour ‘transition’ (slowly applying it once every few weeks to untouched roots and regrowth, so as not to darken the lot).

Hairprint is also fine for use on completely white or grey hair, although you might need a little more product to see rapid change. This is because white/grey hair is completely without pigment and significantly less porous, meaning it takes a little more oomph to make it to behave!

While Hairprint is fine for all genders and ethnicities to use, currently the brand is still working on an effective version for blondes and redheads, but fingers crossed, it won't be long!

Please read about my own experience of Hairprint for a truly honest account of my first couple of tries at using Hairprint.

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