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by Emma Peters March 07, 2016

You are what you eat, but did you ever stop to think that you may be ingesting a significant amount of chemicals unknowingly by simply wearing lipstick!

Thank goodness for brands like BITE Beauty, who’s founder Susanne Langmuir cottoned onto that yucky fact back in 2011 and set about producing a highly pigmented range of lipsticks packed full of food grade, anti oxidant rich, superfood ingredients making her products good enough to eat.

BITE BeautyThese makeup artistfavourites (mine included) are handcrafted in Toronto Canada- another plus and each lippy contains the equivalent to five glasses of wine’s worth of resveratrol!! Not quite a reason to give up the Merlot, but good to know you can get the antioxidant, age fighting benefits elsewhere!

I have definitely never before seen such beautifully pigmented lipsticks and pencils that not only last but feel amazing on.

There are several options available including the lush Agave lip mask which tastes like a desert, gives a hint of colour and moisturises at the same time, High Pigment Lip Pencilswhich deliver super color, moisture and definition, Lip Line and Define– a must for everyone who loves colour but hates the old lip line “bleed”.

And as an added level of thoughtfulness, they are Certified 100% gluten-free!

Check them out today, I promise you’ll be addicted. If you’re having trouble choosing a color, never fear, we do sample products with every purchase. Just let me know what you’d like to try at the checkout and I’ll make it happen.

Agave Lip MaskAgave Lip Mask

High Pigment Lip PencilsHigh Pigment Lip Pencils

Lip Line & DefineLip Line & Define

Or check out the entire range here.

Emma Peters
Emma Peters

Emma Peters, organic makeup artist, creative director and founder of Belle & Sage, is committed to leading the conversation around beauty and wellness. With over twenty years of experience as a make-up artist, she knows you don’t have to sacrifice quality for clean.

She’ll help you find the what, learn the why, nail the how, and everything in between.

Letting you know more, wear better, and start making beautiful choices: from the inside, out.

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