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Abel Natural Perfume

So… what exactly is ‘Abel Odor perfume’?

We all love having great natural products, but seldom do we hear about the inspiration behind them, too. Abel Odor perfume is different. 

Abel Odor perfume Creator, Frances Shoemack, is a New Zealander and former winemaker who founded the company in Amsterdam, 2013. The name ‘Abel’ pays homage to Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer who discovered New Zealand. This means that the name itself is a nod to both the brand’s dual heritage and its pioneering spirit.

The privately owned company is growing and thriving, currently selling in over 12 countries worldwide. The new collection has been praised as one of the most innovative and impressive of 2016. Frances describes  Vita Odor as a ‘coming of age’ collection and frankly, it couldn’t be more adult and amazing.

A great perfume calls for a great perfumer

Abel Odor’s master perfumer Isaac Sinclair is a Sao Paolo based, Paris and Milan trained New Zealander. His expertise are absolutely pivotal for creating Abel Odor perfume’s gorgeous, signature scents. Frances describes him as “a commercial fine fragrance perfumer by day, rock-band-playing Abel perfumer by night!”

Working with Abel means he uses some of the rarest ingredients in the world to create chic scents – what could be more fun?


True perfume pioneers

Natural perfume typically doesn’t last as long as synthetic perfume. Because of this, Frances has done a lot of work to make sure Abel Odor perfume stands out from other natural alternatives.

Abel Odor perfumes contain naturally derived, single aroma compounds called “natural isolates”. These are a plant-based, non-toxic way of ensuring a potent and lasting aroma. With an increased concentration of natural isolates, Abel Odor perfume lasts all day on your skin.

Traditionally, most perfumes use musk to amplify the overall fragrance, synthetic musk found in >99% of perfume. Abel’s master perfumer Isaac describes making perfume without it can feel like “cooking without butter.”

Unfortunately, synthetic musk is toxic to humans and the environment (present in heavy quantities throughout the food chain). Abel Odor perfumes use a natural musk compound (a natural isolate) called Ambrettolide, sourced from the Amberette Seed. This means they get all the benefits of an ingredient that helps perfume last without any nasties.

Five new, natural scents

No Abel Odor perfumes contain any synthetic fragrances at all; they create every smell, tinge and whiff using natural ingredients. It’s just as well too, because synthetic fragrances in perfumes can be seriously shifty. ‘Fragrance’ isn’t actually a single ingredient on its own. Instead, it describes a collection of undisclosed chemicals. Trade secret laws mean that no company is under obligation to say exactly what their ‘fragrance’ is made up of, which is a serious problem if you’re serious about what goes on your body.

We’re pretty thrilled that Abel Odor perfume is made up of only nature’s best. Who says smelling great naturally has to be hard?

Have a read through Abel’s five gorgeous new scents – which one looks like yournew favourite?



A chic amber fragrance that is sensual and elegant for women, and develops a leathery appeal on men. Its bright pink pepper and juniper berry notes give the traditionally warm and exotic amber a contemporary twist- perfect for anyone who loves putting their own spin on distinguished beauty classics.


A beautiful, rich floral fragrance with an East-Indian sandalwood and vanilla base. With ylang ylang and jasmine notes you’ll instantly feel as if you’re reclining in a sunny, secret garden. Abel Odor Golden Neroli is the go-to for whimsical, nature-loving scent aficionados.


A dark, stormy incense for the sultry, mysterious enchantress in us all. Bitter orange and pink pepper notes make way for dark incense and patchouli, creating a rich and full-bodied scent. Abel Odor Grey Labdanum isn’t one for the feint hearted, but perfect for anyone wanting to make a sensual scent statement.


A warm, woody fragrance that’s like a bottled spice drawer for your skin. Its clove bud, pepper, bergamot, ginger and thyme notes are enough get anyone salivating and will have you smelling absolutely delicious around the clock. Abel Odor Red Santal is brilliant for anybody keen to try something yummy and new- a truly unique blend of scents.


This is a fresh, cool scent perfect for those wanting to feel chilled out while on the go. Creamy lime and spearmint notes zing and refresh while undertones of ginger and vanilla add a bit of decadence- a cleansing, luxury beach trip for your nose!

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